Why Turkey

Turkey is the sixth most visited touristic destination in the world, which is famous for its breathtaking beauty, unique culture and history. But at the same time Turkey has also become one of the most popular destination for medical tourism. High level of service, moderate prices and convinient geographical position between East and West make Turkey so much attractive to people from all over the world.

For the recent years Turkey has also started to play a significant role in medical tourism. Good service, newest equipment combined with highly developed infrastucture, qualified staff has made Turkey a real competitor to other countries which are famous for medical tourism. Here person can not only have a good medical treatment in international hospitals accredited by Joint-Commission International (JCI), but also have a wonderful holiday.

There are several reasons to choose Turkey among other countries.

  • Government investment : Turkey is the best example of quick development. The Ministry of Health of Turkey makes big investments in developing healthcare sector. Turkey takes 16th place among leading pharmaceutical developers and at the same time is one of the biggest pharmaceutical market in Europe (after Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy and Spain).
  • Qualified staff: The main task of medical sector is to provide personal training for workers both in best institutes of Turkey and leading European Universities as well.
  • High Technologies : Medical tourism in Turkey is supported by modern technologies and great experience in tourism to give medical services and innovative approach to its’ customers. 
  • Wide range of specialties include Cardiovascular Surgery, Oncology, Neurosurgery, Orthopedics, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery (Liposuction, Breast Aestetics etc), Eye and Dental Treatment, Hair Transplantation, Gynecology and Assited Repreduction and other.

Turkey offers its visitors great hospitality, fantastic views, unforgetable moments, and now world-class healthcare.